Company History
The Company, Star Track Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. ( henceforth to be read as Star Track ) was incorporated on February 1991 as a part of Group companies which have been existing since year 1946. The group is having diverse interest ranging from highly engineering oriented steel industries to the general industries such as processing and exporting rice and other agro indutries. Star Track has been established with the object to manufacture all types of fastening systems, fitting, and other products, points, crossings, signaling equipment, intersections etc. for Indian Railways & MRTS.
Star Track has obtained ISO- 9001- 2008 Certification. The company has successfully implemented a project for the Manufacture and Supply of 6 mm & 10 mm thick GRSP, Improved GRSP, 6.2 mm & 10.2 mm composite GRSP, Nylon Cord Reinforced GRSP, Elastomeric ( 5 mm, 20 mm & 25 mm ) GRSP, Thermoplastic pads, Thermoplastic Washers, Glass Filled Nylon Liners, Elastomeric Bearings, Pot Cum PTFE Bearings, Pin & Metallic Guide Bearings, Expansion Joints, which are widely used by the Railways all over the world as fasteners / couplings in Railway tracks & bridges and have huge potential in terms of requirements.

The Company has started supply of Electronic Rail Greasing Device, Tongue Roller Device, Resilient Bonded Baseplates, Buffer Stops, Various Types of Metal to Rubber Bonded Components for Railways, Rail Coaches & Wagons, Indian Railways & MRTS.

Star Track is also specialized in the manufacturing of various types of rubber & plastic engineered items and industrial components like various types of Rubber Rolls, Paddy Separator Wheels, Polymer Buckets with elevator, Polisher Rubber, Rubber Balls, Screens, Plastic Strips for Rice De-Husking Applications.

The company is striving for Domestic market as well as Exports for the other allied products. Quality of our products is well accepted in the market.
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